The Drilling Manual : The Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management

Edited by Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee Limited

An Invaluable Reference for Members of the Drilling Industry, from Owner-Operators to Large Contractors, and Anyone Interested In Drilling Developed by one of the worlds leading authorities on drilling technology, the fifth edition of The Drilling Manual draws on industry expertise to provide the latest drilling methods, safety, risk management, and management practices, and protocols. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques, this edition thoroughly updates the fourth edition and introduces entirely new topics. It includes new coverage on occupational health and safety, adds new sections on coal seam gas, sonic and coil tube drilling, sonic drilling, Dutch cone probing, in hole water or mud hammer drilling, pile top drilling, types of grouting, and improved sections on drilling equipment and maintenance. New sections on drilling applications include underground blast hole drilling, coal seam gas drilling (including well control), trenchless technology and geothermal drilling. It contains heavily illustrated chapters that clearly convey the material. This manual incorporates forward-thinking technology and details good industry practice for the following sectors of the drilling industry: * Blast Hole * Environmental * Foundation/Construction * Geotechnical * Geothermal * Mineral Exploration * Mineral Production and Development * Oil and Gas: On-shore * Seismic * Trenchless Technology * Water Well The Drilling Manual, Fifth Edition provides you with the most thorough information about the what, how, and why of drilling. An ideal resource for drilling personnel, hydrologists, environmental engineers, and scientists interested in subsurface conditions, it covers drilling machinery, methods, applications, management, safety, geology, and other related issues.