Down for Him : A Hood Love Story

Jada Pullen

Autumn Green is your typical college girl going into her last year of college in Atlanta. Autumn has been with her on again off again boyfriend Khalil Paces for the past 3 years. Throughout all of his lies and infidelity, she held him down regardless. Until one night, he takes his jealously to another level. Meeting Justin Halgo, the new connect of Atlanta and Khalils new supplier, he sweeps Autumn off her feet. Although Autumn is falling for Justin, she isnt quite ready to give up on Khalil. Teyanna Hicks is Autumns best friend who has her back through whatever until she has to decide between their friendship or family. Khalils big secret is revealed after a year and a half making Autumn completely done with him and Teyanna. Justin falls in love with Autumn until he finds out something that he know will tear their relationship apart. Come along for the ride as money will be made, secrets will be revealed, bonds will be broken, blood will be shed, and relationships will be tested.